A Corker Bloke

Today ah am being on my best behavior. All day.

Ah do everyzing Le Uncle does.|

Le Uncle tells me ah am being a STORKER!

‘Ah am not a Storker’ ah zay, ‘look ah ‘ave no wings’.

‘What do you mean a Storker iz not a bird? What iz eet zen?’
and ah am shocked to ‘ear what is eez.

Ah ask la cat if ah look like a stalker.
La cat tell me zat if ah do not know le answer to zis,
she ‘as not le time to explain it to me.
I guess she doez not want to be late for ‘er afternoon snooze.IMG_7345

‘Am ah a STALKER?’ Ah ask  Partly Bluett; ‘e iz a very old le pooch.
“e iz zo old ‘iz eyes roll around in iz ‘ead.

Ah ask Madame Magoo, “Am ah a STALKER  Mz Magoo?” ah ask.
She zeem to ‘ave no idea what ah am talking about.
‘Huh?” she zaid, ‘Huh?’ Zen she keep asking me if ah ‘ave a ball.IMG_7348

Do ah look like ah ‘ave a ball? Just between you and me, Mz Magoo is an idiot.

Zen ah ask le son of Magoo,  but ah cannot understand a word ‘e zay,
although ‘e zay it over and over again loud enough to deafen everyone within hearing.

Quite frankly all Le pooches talk a load of old woofle.

Now come to zink of eet, ah zink Le Uncle zaid ah am a CORKER bloke.
Zis explain everyzing.
Corker, e zaid, CORKER.
‘e ‘as to get zat stupeed Australian accent zeen to.