1 Week

Ah ‘ave been ‘ere for a week now and still no red carpet is being rolled out.

Ah talk to my Muzzerr about zis…

She gives me a kiss and ah immediately feel much better.

Ah check zat mah tail is still attached.
It iz.

So Zen ah skippity hop around for a bit.

Ah kiss la grass before ah eat in – zat way, ah know ‘e feel much better about being eaten.

Of course ah can’t go around kissing all le grass zo ah just kiss la more important looking grass ‘eads.
Zen ah try different ways of eating le grass.
Ah try zucking it up like a big ‘oover.

Zen ah bite it like a shark.

My Muzzerr tell me stories about sharks and such zings.


I practise mah yoga.
Zis is standing three legged llama poze. Not everyone can do zis.

Imagine mah surprise when I go back to Muzzerr for a drink and discover a Llama illuminated inside ‘er belly!

Running away az fast as a speeding pulletĀ  is mah only option.

Followed by a dignified walk back when ze dangeur is over.

Day 6

Ah ‘ave been ‘ere 6 days now and mah Muzzerr will not let me out of ‘er sight.

She follows me everywhere.

Ah tell ‘er ‘Go away Muzzerr, ah ‘ave top secret business to do’.

But everytime I look be’ind me zere she is.

Mah top secret business will ‘ave to wait anozzer day.