The Existential Zephyr

A seriously funny account of the life and times of a baby horse written and photographed by Cathy Dee
for Calm Healthy Horses

15 thoughts on “The Existential Zephyr

  1. Absolutely love these stories. Le Zephyr is ze horse avec pizazz! You have made me cry with laughter. Thank you. xx

    • Thank you so much Avril, I very much appreciate your comment 🙂 So glad I could make you LOL 😉
      Now Zephyr wants a word…
      Dear Avril,
      ah lark to be formal unlark UzzMuzz ‘oo is le uneducated ‘eathen.
      Ah do not know what you mean by stories? This is no ‘story’. It is le diary written in all seriousness.
      Lord LubbaDuck
      (Zephyr to ‘is friends)

  2. This has been going on for two years? I’ve been missing this for two years? TWO YEARS? Well, I can’t wait for the next twenty, following this incredible talented, muscled, stunning, wise and hilarious le horse. Thanks so much for sharing! I am in stitches… xxx

      • It is alright… the stitches are a small price to pay for being allowed to catch a glimpse of your Lordship’s brilliant and glamorous life… I hope the red carpet has arrived by now…

  3. Hey, it’s me! Dreamcatcher5 😀
    And as you might know….I am a major Zephyr fan!!!
    He’s such a cutie! (with an attitude )

  4. Has me cackling every time!! And sometimes the laughs this gives me distracts me from the awesome photography, so great work there as well! Keep up the brilliance 🙂

    This Aussie loves Le Uncle’s accent, and the names of the sheep are very clever – Islamb, Golamb, Moulamb…so funny!

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