Le Boss is Back

Muzzeur is locked in Le Pen of Shame.
This is le chance to get things straight with Monsieur George.

‘Allo ‘allo Monsieur George’ ah say, full of le politeness, ‘It is narce to meet you, moi name is Zephyrr and ah am le boss of le ‘ole paddock.’

‘Go orn’, ‘e say, ‘you and whose army?’

Ah sigh and stare off into le distance, as if contemplating all le world’s problems.
Actually ah am wondering if there mart be carrots served up with le dinneur tonart.
Ah am also waiting for Muzzeur to be released before ah reply.

Monsieur George can not wait to ‘ear le wisdom. Ah ‘ave le lot of it.

Either that or ‘e is trying to see what Muzzeur is doing be’ind me.
She ‘as now been released on probation. eh eh eh.

Ah put le ‘ead down and casually eat some grass so that George can see that ah ‘ave l’ighest level of protection at mah back at all tarm.

One false move Monsieur George…

Ah do not need to say any more. eh eh eh. Le point is made.

Ah am le boss of everyone once again.
eh eh eh.

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