Pick-up Lines.

Ah decide once again, to take up le pipe smoke.

As you can see, eet add le certain air of debonair  to mah already charming self.
All of le members of le intelligentsia smoke le pipe. Mahself included.

Besides, ah am pretty sure,  les girls next door,
will listen to everything ah ‘ave to say when ah smoke le pipe
and give them mah intelligent look…

Ah spend some time practicing what ah would say to Les Girls when ah see them again…
‘Hey Les Girls, eet ees ah, Zephyr, ‘ow about ah show you mah etchings?’ ah say

Of course, ah ‘ave not done any etchings so ah will ‘ave to show them something else.
‘eh ‘eh ‘eh.

‘Hey Les Girls, would you lark to see me and mah friend fart?’.
Ah know Les Girls love eet when we ‘ave a big fart.

Unfortunately ah must be saying such stuff aloud for
Le Uncle ‘eard me with ‘is big radar ears.

‘Hey Merl,’ ‘e yell to Muzzerr, ‘You’ll never guess what the boy is doing’.

Muzzerr, look up from ‘er ‘oovering and ‘eave a big sigh.
‘What is he doing now?’ she say.

‘I’m not sure’ say Le Uncle, ‘but I’m preedy sure I heard the leedle Tossa
practicing peeck-up lines to use on Les Girls Next Door’
And then ‘e realise ‘e just mentioned le unmentionable and all ees silent,
you can not even ‘ear a bird cough.

Suddenly there ees thees weird sound coming from Muzzerr, and we realise,
she ees giggling.

Pretty soon she ees laughing out loud.
Ah do not see what ees so funny.

‘What?’ ah say, ‘You want to fart about eet?’