Veterinarian in Training

Ah am finishing mah training to be a veterinarian.
Ah watch and learn. Eh eh eh.

You ‘ave to be brilliant to spell veterinarian, let alone be one.

And obviously, ah ‘ave what eet take.

Muzzeur, she ees pleased with mah choice of career.
‘My son the Veterinarian’ she sigh proudly.

Of course, there ees a lot to learn. It take a few days to gain le qualification.

Le Uncle, ‘e ees impressed. ‘e ees also Australian.

‘Crikey’ ‘e say, ‘you might as well send a crocodile to the bleuh bleuh bleuh’IMG_8861

‘e did not really say Bleuh Bleuh Bleuh but ah lost interest after crocodile.’ Ah put on mah ‘Quite Interested’ look.

Besides, ah ‘ave study to do and mah tutor, Monsieur Andrew, Le Vet,
will be ‘ere soon to teach me everything ‘e know.

Eet should not take that long.

Ah ‘ope les Girls will notice mah qualification.

Ah wonder eef Monsieur Andrew will come to me but ah decide to get up any’ow.

‘e ees going to teach me ‘ow to ‘andle Uzzeurr Muzzeur.

Uzzeur Muzzeur, she panic about everyone.

Ah look for ‘er.

Ah see ‘er and ah decide to practice what ah already ‘ave been taught by Monsieur Andrew Le Vet.
1. Do not look directly at le patient. See – ah know exactly where Uzzeur Muzzeur ees but ah am not staring right at ‘er.
Ah do not want to frighten ‘er.

2. Advise on what and ‘ow to feed.
‘Do not worry Uzzeur Muzzeur’ ah say, ‘Just keep le feed up to me and ah will not expire.
You do not ‘ave to actually syringe in molasses to me Uzzeur Muzzeur’, I say ‘elpfully, ‘ah will lick eet up for you’.
‘Of course you can give me carrots – in fact you must,
eet ees essential ah be fed carrots and plenty of them. Do not stint le carrots’.
Ah did not actually ‘ear Monsieur Andrew mention anything about le carrots or molasses but ah am certain ‘e meant to.

3. Ah can not actually remember what le 3 ees, howeveur,
I feel much better now so eet clearly was not important.
Ah will ask Monsieur Andrew to ‘and oveur mah qualification next time ah see ‘im.