An Electric Fencitar Recital

Today while Muzzeur was ‘aving a massage, ah decide to kindly contribute to le atmosphere by giving le Fencitar recital.
Ah ‘ave to think very ‘ard about what ah will play.IMG_9424

Finally ah decide, tonight, ah will play ‘Don’t Fence me In.’ ah announce.
Ah give mah fencitar a preliminary pluck to let everyone settle down so ah can start.

Then ah clear mah throat and put on mah serious musician face.
‘Aerm rrrrrrrrm’ ah go.

Plunk Plunk Plunk…’Oooh give me land, lots of land under starry sky above’… PLUNK PLUNK go mah fencitar,

‘Don’t fence me in,’ plunkity plunk plerlunk

‘Let me trot through the wide open country that ah love, hmmmm hmmmmm…’ Ploink plunky plunk

‘Don’t fence me in’ Pluckity plunk plunk.

‘Feed me carrots, feed me oats and that meusli that ah love,’ ah am free wheeling eet now,
mostly because ah can not remember le actual lyrics…
‘Don’t fence me in… oh ah will bust down this fence and give your friend a shove…’

Suddenly ah notice Uzzeur Muzzeur ees glaring at me.
She start to stride towards me.
Ah feel eet time to finish mah set
‘Thank you, you’re beautiful’ ah say hurriedly before spinning around
and galloping off the down the paddock before all mah fans ‘ave time to congratulate me.


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