Ah am sitting in le sun wondering what to do next.

Le Paparazzi is about and ah look as ‘andsome as eveur.

This time, ‘oweveur, ah see they ‘ave sent le intervieweur.
eh eh eh, ah am le world’s most interesting ‘orse.

‘So how are you Zephyr?’ ‘e say.
What karnd of le question is that to ask le world’s most ‘andsome, brave and interestingĀ  ‘orse.
Ah refuse to answer it.

‘e sit there, no doubt trying to think up another inane question to ask moi.
It take ‘im ‘alf an hour before ‘e finally say
‘What are you doing Zephyr?’
Good grief.
What does it look lark ah am doing, calculating le wave length of electromagnetic radiation?.
‘Ah am in le coma’ ah sigh.

and ah lie down with le groan to emphasise le point.
‘Are you a tired boy?’ ‘e say!

Clearly this imbecile ‘ave no idea what le comatose ‘orse look lark so ah show ‘im.
‘ooh errrr’ ah gasp, ‘ah am unconscious, your questions ‘ave put moi in le coma’.

ah thought ‘e would now go away and leave me to die in peace but instead, ‘e stay there staring at me. Ah ‘ave to now stay exactly as ah am because ah ‘ave told ‘im ah am in le coma.
This is awkward.

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