Zephyr is Home!

It is le moaning of le graduation.
Of course ah pass with le flying coleurs.
Ah take UzzMuzz  out for le trek before we come ‘ome.
Ah am top of le class in every subject. Ah ‘ave certificates coming out l’ear’oles.

Ah pass le certificate of le Bravery on Le Beach with UzzMuzz no problem.

Now ah am home. It good to be back although as le most popular ‘orse in school, ah will miss all le friends and le parties.
”ALLO ‘ALLO’ ah yell, ’tis ah, Zephyr, back from le University’.

Muzzeur is besard ‘erself – ‘My Son’ she sniffle, ‘all grown up’.

‘Muzzeur’ ah say, ‘ah pass everything flying coleours’.
Then ah notice L’imbicile is still ‘ere. Quelle ‘oruor, Le day is ruined.

‘Aye ZEPHERRO’ ‘e shout. ‘How’s it going?’

Ah ignore ‘im. Ah ‘ave more important things to do than talk to ‘im.

‘So what did you learno?’ ‘e ask when ‘e finally catch up to me.
‘Nothing’ ah say.
‘But you were away for weeks’.
‘Ah party every nart and sleep most of le day’
Ah can tell ‘e is most impressed.
‘Ah ‘ave been kicked out for le bad be’aviour’ and then ah add; ‘le worst’.
Muzzeur turn to UzzMuzz ‘oo shrug and shake ‘er ‘ead..

‘What kind of bad behaviour are we talking about? say L’imbicile.

‘You name it’ ah say as ah stuff le mouth with l’ay, ‘ah did it’.

L’imbicile puff ‘imself up and take le deep breath;
‘There is only room for one bad boy in this paddock and as a member of a long established Grime Family that would be me’.

‘Whateveur’ ah say.

‘You have a problemo with that?’

‘Do this farce look botheured?’ ah mutteur into le ‘ay bag.
Ah ‘ave learned much about ‘andling uncouth L’imbicle lark ‘im while ah am away.

‘Good, I’m glad we got that settled’, ‘e say.

‘Talk to le ‘ay bag’ ah whispeur.
Le most popular boy is back.


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