Pronunciation problems…

Le Uncle and ah over ‘ear Muzzerr talking to Uzzerr Muzzerr.
‘My Son this and My Son that’ she say, ‘Bleuh bleuh bleuh’
As usual ah am in big trouble with Muzzerr.
Apparently, ah am spending far too much time farting with Le Uncle.

Muzzerr say le farting ‘as got to stop.
Le Uncle say ‘e teach me valuable farting skills.

Of course, ‘e teach me nothing. Tis ah ‘oo teach ‘im.

Ah ‘ave been come so expertise in le Spinach Walk,
ah am sought after all over le paddock in ordeur to teach it.

Le Uncle tell me ah am le best ‘e ‘as eveur seen.
At least ah assume that is what ‘e say.
Eet was all in Australian which, of course ah do not understand.
Nobody understand Australian.

For being such an ‘onest ‘orze,  ah decide to anoint ‘im with Slobbeur.

‘ere you go Le Uncle’, ah say, as ah am working up a gobfull
of Le Slobbeur to anoint ‘im with.

”ang on Le Uncle’, ah mumble as ah try to get close enough to dab eet on ‘im.
‘e does not seem all that keen so ah wondeur eef ah should spit eet on ‘im instead.
Le Dalai Llama next door lark to spit all oveur everyone.

ah decide to trot after ‘im and dab slobbeur all over ‘is backside.

Ah cannot understand why ‘e will not stand still while ah bestow this blessing upon ‘im.

‘Wait, Le Uncle’ ah say and ah try to stop ‘im.

But ‘e ees off.

Faster and faster ‘e go. ‘E ees quite a fast ‘orze for a ‘orze ‘oo ees about 100 years old.

Ah gallop after ‘im and Muzzerr gallop after me.

Le Uncle and ah go around een a big circle. Muzzerr ees left be’ind.

Suddenly Le Uncle turn and face me.
‘e tell me ah am a total Tosser so naturally, ah correct ‘im.
‘Ah am la Tosseur Le Uncle’ ah say.

‘that’s what oi said’ ‘e insist, ‘a hairy leedle tosser’.

‘Tosseur’! ah shout.
‘I’m no tosser’ ‘e yell back and ‘e jump up and down so ah jump up and down
and we are bouncing up and down ‘igher and ‘igher.

Pretty soon, there was nothing left to do but ‘ave a beeg fart.

The Uzzerr Muzzerr walk into le paddock so we all stand around and
play ‘Doing Nuzzing’.IMG_7325


2 thoughts on “Pronunciation problems…

  1. Hi There, thank you so much for your comments. Like you I am sad when I see so many horses living in conditions that horses should never be in. Most of all it saddens me when I see horses kept by themselves. I know most people never see their horses playing because they do not have the time to spend at the paddock. I hope that with this blog, as silly as it is, people will also realise just how much horses do play and love to have fun 🙂 Mine play every day. sometimes just for a few minutes but often for half an hour at a time. It goes without saying that I love them 🙂

  2. Hi, really love your blog about Zephyr. I was drawn here because I also have a grey with the same name but I spell it Zayfir. I raised my boy and intended to do something like this on my own blog but never had the time. I absolutely love seeing your horses in a real, natural herd setting. Its so rare these days!

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