Le Big Questions

Ah often ponder le big questions, for example … Why am ah ‘ere?

Why am ah ‘ere and not over there where Muzzerr ees?

‘ow did ah get ‘ere? Ah probably walked but ah am not sure.
Ah can not remembeer.

Ah lie on mah back and stare up at le sky searching for answers

Eet ees not very comfortable. IMG_5167

Ah decide then, to set out on le journey of discovery –
one in which ah a find le one ‘oo  ‘ave all le answers.

Ah search, for many minutes and then at last, ah see ‘im.

‘LE UNCLE,’ ah yell, ‘ah ‘ave a question for you’.

‘Don’t you go bothering your Uncle,’ Muzzerr say, ‘He is busy’.

But a question of such magnitude, it can not wait.

‘Le Uncle’, ah say when ah catch up to ‘im.
‘Ah ‘ave an important question’.

And eet ees then that ah notice, Le Uncle look like a big carrot from be’ind.
So naturally, ah take a bite, just in case ‘e actually ees a big carrot disgiuised as mah Uncle.

Ah take eet, from ‘is reaction, that ‘e ees not a carrot at all!

Now ah ‘ave to repeat one ‘undred times,
‘Le Uncle ees not and never was, a big carrot’.

2 thoughts on “Le Big Questions

  1. Wow, Zephyr has gotten so big! He’s as big as his Mom and Uncle now. 🙂

    What a beautiful, handsome young man!

    • Thanks Kim, I think he’s totally gorgeous of course…but then I would 😉
      I can’t believe how much he’s grown either – he’s only 1 year 3 months. Phenomenal really.

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